Welcome Blog

Life is better with massage. It’s changed my life both personally and professionally. When my husband and I sit down, almost everyday, and talk about what our visions are for our company, it always leads back to the health and wellness of our clients. It leads to us to brainstorming ways we can spread the word about massage and make a difference in people’s lives in order to break through the barriers and misconceptions of this field.

Let’s be frank, massage has a mixed reputation. While there are so many positive stories of restored health, you can also find examples of people failing to improve, primarily because they do not fully understand the various methods or benefits of massage. Bad press can undermine the validity of the field. We want you to go a little deeper, ask hard questions, and be willing to explore alternatives. We’ll be here to provide information and support.

At Massage in Session, we specialize in Neuromuscular therapy specifically for pain, mobility issues, postural distortions, stress, sports training or injuries, post-operative therapy, and much more. With these blogs we will provide more insights into this effective therapy. We will be sharing a variety of other topics including: stretching, self-care tips to help manage pain at home, and provide effective ways you can get the most out of your professional sessions.

Passion drives us to push forward.

Our goal is to lead with passion, share our knowledge and experiences, and shine light on the Massage Therapy field. It’s an avenue for us to further educate and drive change and recognition within the massage therapy world.

Crystal McCraw